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Dr. R. Harry Anderson and his wife are the owners of Total Feeds, Inc. Dr. Anderson was born in the one room farmhouse in North Dakota that appears on our web page. He worked his way through college including a PhD. in Animal Science from South Dakota State University in Brookings, S.D. He worked as an Animal Nutritionist for a fortune 100 company before becoming a private Consulting Nutritionist in the early nineteen nineties. He has spent his entire life around livestock and has put his life's work into each of our formulas.

Dr. Anderson started selling his first bags of feed out of the back of his truck as he drove around the country doing his nutrition work for large animal operations. As the benefits of the formula became apparent to more people, he started taking on one dealer at a time on his normal route to handle the feed. We now have over 1400 dealers in 49 states. The focus for Dr. Anderson has been the same now as it was over forty years ago when he started his professional life, high quality nutrition makes animals happy and healthy.

The logo for the new company is an artistic rendering of the Old Norse rune "fehu" which represented a herd of cattle or horses - a symbol of wealth to the people of Vikings. Dr. Anderson's and his wife's families emigrated from Norway in the late 1800s and became farmers in North Dakota. The logo is a tribute to the hard working plains people who came before us.